Exercise Patrol Scout

King's Own Calgary Regiment

13MAY16 to 15MAY16

A Squadron of the King’s Own Calgary Regiment engaged in Exercise Patrol Scout from May 13th to the 15th in the Waiporous Creek area of Alberta. The exercise was intended to prepare troops for the rigours of Operation Golden Coyote taking place in South Dakota from the 13th to 21st of June. A Squadron practiced conducting convoy escorts, root security, presence patrolling, route reconnaissance and other individual battle task standards. During the exercise, they were camped at the Rocky Mountain Cadet Training Camp as though it was a combat outpost.

HQ Squadron provided support during the exercise and also took to the time to visit the 1292 army cadets who were conducting their own training exercise at the neighbouring Camp Howard. HQ performed a weapons and vehicle display for the cadets, including C7s, M72s and the G-Wagons with mounted C8s.

Operation Golden Coyote will be a brigade level exercise whereby troops will practice tactical security and transitional tasks in demanding real-time scenarios.