Ex King’s Pronghorn – November 2023

On the weekend of November 24-26 2023, The King’s Own Calgary Regiment, joined by the South
Alberta Light Horse (SALH), conducted EX KING’S PRONGHORN in Suffield, AB. Concurrently, A Sqn’s 2
Troop remained at Mewata Armouries to conduct the Mounted Communications course.

In Suffield, while 1 Troop was conducting dismounted reconnaissance and dismounted section attacks,
dry evaluations in the context of the RQ MCpl Course, the remaining King’s Own and SALH members
conducted a live section attack range.

Before performing any live attack, whether in pairs, group, or section, the members had to practice their
firing in movement with the team they would be working with on the live range. This process allowed
the members to gain confidence in their skills and their team, which was crucial for the conduct of a safe
range. Finally, at the end of the day, we had the opportunity to fire C9s to confirm the member’s drills.

This exercise was a success for multiple reasons. First and foremost, both 1 and 2 Troop candidates all
succeeded in their evaluations in the context of their courses. Secondly, the live section attack range
activities allowed us not only to train our members in their firing and movement skills, but also allowed
our ARSOs to gain experience in the conduct of complex ranges. Finally, the exercise was a great
opportunity to work with the SALH and develop the esprit de corps and cohesion between our two

✍🏼 Capt Boutin

📷 Cpl Kinder-Dubreuil