The King’s Own Calgary Regiment has members proudly parading at most of the military locations throughout Calgary with our main footprint in Mewata Armouries on the west side of downtown Calgary.

Parking is available in the South Parking lot and on the street, free after 6 p.m

Mailing Address:

King’s Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC)
Mewata Armoury
801 – 11th St. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 2C4

Call Us:

The Regiment operates with a small day staff available during business hours with the majority of the members working Wednesday evenings and weekends. Feel free to contact us at the following numbers.

Adjutant: (403) 410 – 2320 ext. 3401
Regimental Operations Warrant Officer: (403) 410 – 2320 ext. 3402
Band Director: (403) 410-2340 ext. 2730

Fax Us:

(403) 410-2332

Email Us:

You can submit your questions and/or comments to the Webmaster.
The KOCR is known as Calgary’s local Reserve Armoured Recce Regiment.