Easing into the Field – EX King’s Command 2019

The first training exercise of 2019 was an easy introduction to this year’s schedule. It was -18° outside but nobody was suffering from the cold. The KOCR hosted this annual virtual training exercise, King’s Command, using the VBS2 system.

The Virtual Battlefield Simulator is a realistic scenario driven combat simulation and allows
drivers, gunners, and crew commanders to practice their skills in a safe way. Approximately 45
Kings Own soldiers primarily from A and B Squadrons participated. Newer members to the CF
who weren’t ready to join a live field exercise were able to observe and have a role in a
reconnaissance operation and take part in manning the Sergeant Major’s echelon units.
The armoured soldiers practiced traditional recce tasks, which aided in brushing up their reports
and returns (radio procedure), developing contacts (finding and destroying the enemy), and
handling casualty evacuations and vehicle recovery operations. The tasks conducted during the
weekend escalated in difficulty and developed troop level operations in a squadron context. The
scope of the exercise also included establishment and operation of a squadron command post to
track the battle. The CP was manned by the Battle Captain, a duty officer, and two radio

The VBS is a forgiving training tool where damaged vehicles and casualties can be remedied
with a quick reset. It’s a relatively stress free way to provide exposure to field operations and
improve communications skills without the logistics of a lengthy road move. Plus, video games
are just fun.

2Lt Hammond