Charbonneau Scholarship 2023

The King’s Own Calgary Regiment is pleased to offer a number of scholarships to eligible members.

The criteria for the Charbonneau Scholarship is as follows:

  • Applicant must have a direct connection to the King’s Own Calgary Regiment such as serving member, immediate family member, veteran of the Regiment, cadet in an affiliated RCACC, a direct descendant of a KOCR veteran or a volunteer with an affiliated KOCR organization (note that applicants are merited on their engagement and service to the Regiment and affiliated organizations);
  • Applicant must be a competitor in an organized sport or athletic league, association or other competitive sports organization; and
  • The applicant must enrolled full time or part time in a post secondary institution.

This scholarship is offered through the King’s Own Calgary Regiment (RCAC) Regimental Funds Foundation after a generous endowment by the Charbonneau family.

The application deadline for this award is Monday, February 14, 2022.

The application form with further information and application requirements may be found by clicking here:


Posted by MCpl Mitchell