Regimental Sergeant Major, Chief Warrant Officer Sandy Cruickshank, CD

King's Own Calgary Regiment

CWO AJ Cruickshank joined 903 BC Dragoon Army Cadets in 1979. He remained in cadets until 1983 achieving Master Cadet. A highlight of this time was to be selected to attend an exchange at the British Army School of Piping, Edinburgh. On return from Scotland in March 1983 he enrolled in the BC Dragoons. Recruit and initial trades training in Recce was completed that year. In August 1984 he deployed to Germany with the Royal Canadian Dragoons for Fallex. He was employed as a 5 Ton driver in Regimental A2 Echelon. On return from Germany he completed the Recce Crew Commander Course. In January 1985 he went to CTC Armoured School in Gagetown as a driver in Training Support Sqn. June 1985 he was Top Candidate Cougar Gunner at NRQS Wainwright and then Top Candidate Junior NCO Course at ARTS Nanaimo. In fall 1985 CWO Cruickshank transferred to A Sqn The King’s Own Calgary Regiment. In spring 1986 he went on the first of 3 attached postings to District / CBG Battle School and promoted Master Corporal. In 1988 he completed Recce Patrol Commanders Course at NRQS Wainwright. He then deployed to Cyprus with LdSH (RC) as a Section 2IC in Rural Sqn. On return he was Top Candidate 6A Cougar Crew Commander NRQS Wainwright and promoted Sergeant. Fall 1990 he transferred back to BC Dragoons to attend Okanagan University. During this period he completed AFV (Cougar) Coach course and was Top Candidate 6B Armour, both at CTC Armoured School. He spent Jun 1994-Jun 1995 at the RCA Battle School, Shilo MB conducting recruit training. During this time he was also a piper in 1 RCHA Pipe Band. In 1995 CWO Cruickshank and returned to the Kings Own. He attended Senior Leaders Course in Shilo and was promoted Warrant Officer in December 1995. He attended DP4 Armoured SSM course in 1998 at CTC Armoured School. In 1998 he became Ops WO, 41 CBG Battle School and also became Vice PMC Mewata WO`s & Sgt`s Mess and became PMC until 2002. In 2002 he became Area Reserve Standards WO Calgary until 2007. In May 2007 he began pre-deployment training and eventually deployed in January 2008 to Afghanistan as CQMS All Source Intelligence Centre. On return in October 2008 he was employed at 41 CBG HQ as G3 Tasks 2. He remained in this position until 2010 where on promotion to MWO he moved to G4 Branch as G4 Transport 2 until Nov 2011.  In 2009 he also resumed parading with the Kings Own as SSM A Sqn. He was appointed RSM of The Kings Own on St Georges Day 2013, and was promoted CWO in October 2013.