Winter Exercise 2014

As Canadians and as soldiers, we train to be operational even in the harshest winter conditions.

As Reconnaissance soldiers, mobility is essential to complete our tasks. The LOSV, or snowmobile, helps us complete our mission whether it's to act as the eyes of the commander or to provide aid to the population in the event of a disaster.


The TAPV: Trialing the Tactical Armoured Vehicle

The Army is trialing a new armoured vehicle that the KOCR expect to be using them operational in the near future. Our current vehicle, the Mercedes G-Wagon, is nearing the end of it tenure and will be phased out. The Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle developed by Textron is being trialed at Valcartier. It has a 3 man crew and can carry 7 passengers. With great survivability against mine and IED strikes and sporting 40 mm grenade launcher or .50 caliber machine gun alongside a 7.62 mm GPMG, it will be a great asset to the King’s Own.

Read the news article on the TAPV Trials.


Merry Christmas 2013


From all the members of the Regiment.


Read about Cpl Mark Fuchko's recent accomplishment in Africa in this story published in the Calgary Herald. Picture by Richard Vandentillaart.


The King's Own have designed this Regimental ring for the Centennial which will prove to be a great collector's piece for any one who has served or associated with the Regiment over the past century.

KOCR Officers and guests enjoy their 2010 St. George's Day dinner.

KOCR soldiers receive their well deserved Sacrifice Medals.

The King's Own Calgary Regiment

The King's Own Calgary Regiment (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps) was formed in Calgary on April 1st, 1910. The founding unit was the 103rd Regiment "Calgary Rifles." The King's Own are located at Mewata Armouries 801 11th St SW.

The103rd Calgary Rifles formed several battalions, including the 50th Battalion (Canadian Expeditionary Force), for overseas service in World War I. The King's Own is descended from the 50th Bn, CEF. For World War II, the Regiment was reorganized and had several names including the 14th Armoured Regiment (Calgary Regiment) RCAC. The 14th Armoured was commonly referred to as "The Calgary Tanks."  The Regiment was renamed to the current designation in 1958.

 The King's Own has been organized as infantry, machine gun, and tank, but is currently tasked as a reconnaissance unit, and equipped with the Canadian Command and Reconnaissance version of the Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen (G-Wagen). The unit is prepared to assist with domestic operations (natural and manmade disasters, aid to civil power, or security) within Canada, as well as for overseas operations. Soldiers from the King's Own have served with, or are deployed on, numerous United Nations and NATO operations.

*Last updated on January 19, 2014

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